Jesus I want to stop looking from a human point of view and start looking from your viewpoint. What the world says will remain and what you say remains are two different things. When I live and make decisions from a human view point I am actually walking against the will of God. I am actually in danger of living from Satans point of view. if you don't believe me just check out what Jesus said to Peter when he was "seeing things merely from a human point of view not from God's."Matthew 16:22-26.

Now when I say it like that it wakes me up. Like it isn't enough that I won't be worried weighed down and fearful. Yeah thats right. When I waste my time and thoughts on what is not eternal I become fearful worried and weighed down. Its time to get joyful, clear minded and light. Its time to not worry about whether I'm first, valued and respected. Its time to set aside what others may or may not think of me. Its time to not be consumed with what I think will get me ahead in this world or even the ministry world. Its time to stop worrying about small and big frustrations that won't even matter when I stand before the throne. Its time to not take offense.

It is time to live from God's viewpoint. I am valued, loved, accepted, and worth everything because he says I am. Therefore I am free to live for his glory and others good because my worth is secure in Him. Its time for me to follow Jesus and stop worrying about the other disciples. John 21:20-22

The only thing that will remain is faith expressing itself through love. Its time to live in the reality of his love and not be shaken by the things of this world that will not remain.
Anybody want to come along???


  1. Well friend, I saw on fb where Matt said you had a blog. Welcome to bloggyland. I have had one for a few years now. Amber and my dad have one too. Some days it is my personal diary and some days it is a scrapbook for the family to see. I am glad I will now have another way to keep up with what is going on in your little corner of the world.
    Your family is beautiful.
    prayers and blessings.

  2. Juleigh, excited about your blog! I'm sure it will inspire and encourage many as you always do! Love, asmic

  3. Beautiful post, beautiful family, awesome God.


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