Amnesia. We all suffer from it.

Its time to press play in my life.  Sometimes I get frozen in time emotionally  by tasks, schedules, my issues, other peoples issues and the list goes on.  I feel like I've been drowning and I'm coming up for air.   The only thing that shakes me loose is my need beginning to press in so hard that I feel the pain through  the calloused places in my heart.  Then I can finally wake up again and feel the breath of His presence.
 Do you ever feel like there are those truths that are so simple that  when your heart is feeling the depths of them that you could never forget them?  Yet, surprise surprise once again you have forgotten the reality and emotions of those truths.  Its like you are suffering from amnesia.  I have to say I think we do suffer from amnesia induced by the fog of the fall.  That is why the renewal of the the mind and the circumcision of the heart is so crucial.
We fell underneath a realm called earth where the reality is that your worth is based on what you do.  Where every human religion is based on being good enough to reach God and obtain their version of heaven.  The law is the reigning government and you must strive to meet it or just give up and do whatever your flesh wants to numb your conscience. Then we get saved and have our first taste of the Tree of live. In that moment we know that we are loved unconditionally not based on what we do.  We enter into the freedom that has set us free to live by the spirit of His love and not by the law of dos and don'ts. (Rom. 8)
But what about the rest of our lives on earth where the law has been enthroned by mans will.  Are we going to have to live underneath that fog of condemnation and fighting for our self worth.  Are we going to continue to believe that our peace, joy and life is found only in outer circumstances being exactly correct.  That we are only loved because of our ability to be our idea of good.  
Shaking off this zombie numbness  and breathing again requires me realizing that other things are stealing my ability to focus on His presence.  Whether its the numbness of media (phones, movies, tv, music  computer) or my fear and unbelief concerning the current "problem" I am facing.   These things do not define me so why not give my heart and thoughts to the one who does.   I want to live in the moment with Jesus not be five steps ahead in my not yet life or stuck behind in the live I already lived. 
Here and now is where my heart is feeling and my mind is learning that I am unconditionally loved.  Right now is where I can choose to live in the truth that my validation and identity is secure in who He is.  Today I can abide in His unconditional love for me and drink of His validation of my worth.  Its time to refuse to allow my heart to reach for worth in that person or thing and let my heart rest securely in the truth that I am complete and fulfilled right now in His presence.    


  1. The Silver Chair, by CS Lewis and The Cranberries, Zombie come to mind. Is America... are we... right now, thoroughly insane?


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