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Christian Life Coach
 Are you ready to move forward in your life and want someone to support you in taking the necessary steps to bring forth change?  My name is Juleigh Smith and I would love to be a part of seeing you become who God created you to be so that you can do what you were made to do.  If you would like for me to coach you then please call me or text me at 254-652-3715.  I am willing to coach in person, by phone or through skype. 

TWO OPTIONS FOR COACHING    1.  Ongoing coaching    2.   Jumpstart session
1.  Ongoing:  The goal of Ongoing Coaching is to provide support and impetus to move you forward in the life God has for you.  Ongoing coaching can also be done with groups or families.  The first session of the ongoing coaching is called the Change Assessment.  Realistically this session takes two hours but if you need to do an hour and a half we can continue it in the next session. See rates at bottom of this page.
2.  Jumpstart:  This is one time session to help jump start your growth in specific areas or give you a chance to try out an initial session. 
VISION:  Creating a pathway of life for individuals and organizations by pinpointing right beliefs that lead to healthy choices and healthy choices that lead to transforming change.                    

AREAS THAT WILL BE COVERED;  1. Relationships  2. Emotional well being  3. Finances   
4. Spiritual life/Intimacy with God   5.  Hope/The other side of Grief  6. Dating/Engaged/Married    7. Singleness  8. Physical and Mental Health  9. Career/Calling  10. Parenting.                       

 MOTTO    Same beliefs=the same choices     Same choices = the same results.               
             Different beliefs=different choices     Different choices=CHANGE                                                                                                                                     
Who am I?   My name is Juleigh Beckham Smith and I graduated from Baylor University in 1993 with a BSW Bachelor degree in Social Work.   I am a wife of a wonderful husband and mother of 2 amazing children.  I was on staff with Antioch Ministries International for 13 years in several different roles.  During those 13 years in the midst of my various roles my job always included mentoring people in their personal lives so they could fully be who they were called to be and do what they were called to do.    When I began to think about coaching I created a tool to help people assess where they are in live called the Change assessment.  The Change Assessment is used to allow you to see what areas in your life may need transformed thinking to get to healthy action.   I have been coaching for  three years and really enjoyed being a part of seeing people fulfill their destiny in God.                                                               

Why Christian Life coaching?   I am a person who enjoys seeing the big picture and loves to be a part of people and organizations walking in the fullness of who they are and what they are called to do.

Ongoing Rate:  $55 per session
Jump Start Session:  $60
Each session will involve creating action points that will help you move forward towards the life you want to lead.


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