Dreams of God

Off and on the last few months or maybe even the last few years there has been an uneasiness in my spirit.  A stirring for something more.  Why am I here what was I made for?  The age old question at least for me.  I have always been stirred to make the biggest impact on earth that my life was intended to make.  Sometimes I feel like I am stopped short at every turn.  The funny thing about making an impact is that earths' definitions of impact and heavens' definition of impact are two different things.  When I am seeing clearly I know there is a difference and so I am asking for a fresh place of impact that is eternal.

In my life I have known a God dream that took hold of me and looking back I can see the fruit of that even in the face of trials and suffering.  But for the last years I have been unable to see what it is God has called me to give birth too.  Yes, in this last season I was probably in the wilderness and yes this time was probably needed, and yes God has used this time to rewire somethings but I'm ready.  Although I can see some of the purposes of this last season I am ready to throw caution to the wind and write the vision so that I might run with it. I say that with a sense of weight because of the intensity of my life the last round of Gods' dream taking hold of me.  But nonetheless here I am saying it.   

I find in this process of opening myself up again for the dreams of God that fear of man and comparison keep my dreams from moving off the paper into action.  Who cares who believes in me?,  who cares who believes in the vision? who cares if I can or cannot in my own human strength?, who cares what They are doing?   Who cares?   ME.   I have cared and I am sorry Jesus.  Set me free.  I am officially entering into a new stage of I don't care about anything but what your saying and my response to that.  Am I willing to take heed to the ministry God has given me to fulfill? (Col 4:17)   I want to know again Jesus what you have called me to believe for.  What dream in your heart are you downloading into mine?
I'm tired of puny earthly dreams clothed in human compassion, self glory and fear of man. I want something not of this earth. Not a dream that I can take hold of but a dream that can take hold of me. Speak, draw and wake me up. I am listening.


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