Get on the white horse.

Back in January 2011 I felt somethings for 2011 and 2012.  I share this so I can have a record of it and also for anybody interested in reading it.   I am submitting this so that what is of Jesus can mobilize us in prayer and transformation.

Some things I felt for the church.
 I had a dream.  I was walking down an open road.  There was nothing else before me but the road.  As I walked I began to see something in the distance.  It was a white horse walking in the distance.  The horse was coming directly towards me.  I tried to move out of its way but it kept coming straight at me.  When it finally was upon me I realized it had been coming for me.  The horse stopped for me and turned around.  I got on him.  He had no saddle bridle or anything else man made that would help me stay on him.  I began to ride him slowly but was hanging on to the side because I was afraid to fully get on him and give him his head out of fear that I would fall off.  I gradually got on him more and more and he went faster and faster but I was still afraid to give him complete control.  The dream ended with me still resisting fully getting on him and letting him fully be in control out of fear of falling off and hurting myself.
  I felt that I symbolized myself and the body of Christ and that the horse was the move of God.  The move of God was coming for us and coming to find us.  Our job  was to lose control and to move with Him.  In order to move with him we must be willing to no longer hold on to traditions of men (man made bridles and saddle).  Our fear of losing control and giving Him his head would keep us from moving with him.  I felt that the Churches job this year was not to worry about what was going on in our nation but to move with Jesus.  Our job was to  receive the move of God and to get on His move and move with Him.  We must repent of fear and control so that he can move.   I felt like he said "If my church will embrace my move then the nation will fall in line and certain high places will be dismantled in the wake of My move.  Embrace my Move."  If the church would move with Him then God could move on behalf of the nations. 

Jan 2011  The word Jesus highlighted to me for 2011 was dismantle.
I felt that certain areas of influence in this nation would be dismantled.  The impression I had in my mind was of the upper part of a house being removed.  Blown off to expose what was underneath and the people underneath in the building scattering.  I felt that as the world was scattering in 2011 that the Church should not be unhealthily concerned but focused on moving with Jesus.  I think this word could apply not only for the United states and her sphere of influences but also worldwide.  I believe in 2011 that the high places are being dismantled so that God can be reestablished as the head.

 The word  Jesus highlighted to me for 2012 was reestablish.
  I felt that God spoke that  high places (some examples government, economy, religion) were being dismantled in 2011 so that God could be reestablished in the nations as the only high place.   After feeling that the word for 2012 was reestablish I remembered that 12 was the number of heavenly government.  I felt specifically for the U.S. Congress  that it will unify and become stronger and that the U.S. will not fall but will return again to Jesus.

More for the Church.
Another picture/impression I had was of the ocean and a large ship.  I felt that the large ship was the move of God.   I felt that if the church would move with Jesus then the wake of His move will give direction to the nation, like the wake of a ship gives direction to the water behind it.  In the ocean I also saw icebergs.  I felt like the icebergs were going to melt and that the flow of the water in the iceberg would be joined with the water already there.  I felt that the icebergs represented moves of God from the past that have been frozen. I felt that now the power and revelations of the past moves would melt and be experienced.  We need the moves of the  past mixed with the power and revelation of the present move.  God has been sowing things throughout different seasons of church history that when combined will bring forth the fullness of what he has for the end time generation.  Now is the time for us to receive what God did in the past and allow it to strengthen what he is doing in the present. 


  1. Alright! Thanks for sharing what you are sensing and for calling us to pray it in!


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